You’re Only As Good As Your Last Fight

WBA Boxing champion David Haye said today  – following his victory last night over Audley Harrison – that you are only as good as your last fight. This made me think, not for the first time, that this applies equally well to selling. It’s a old tough game is selling ( though maybe not as hard though as championship boxing!) but you are only as good as your last sale, your last quarter’s or last month’s achievement. And it’s not over then. Every period, the clock gets set back to zero and you start again with your target to get all over again. Of course, if you are fortunate enough to be ahead of target for the year to date then the pressure is reduced a bit. But I wonder just how many salespeople there are out there who have made their target for the year already. Probably only a small percentage. For the majority, I suspect,  now at mid-point in the final quarter of their company year, they will be busting a gut , hoping against hope that they can close that last deal or two that will take them over the line for the year. If they can pull this off they will be a hero for a while, but shortly to go back to zero on the scoreboard again in the New Year. Why does anybody want to live their life like this? There aren’t many salespeople who haven’t asked themselves this on occasion in their career. Why do we do it? Because business is fun and selling can be the best game in town and well rewarded too.

As we push to close those outstandinding deals before 31st December ( it’s not always over by Christmas) we should remember that next year is another year and another series of fights lies ahead; another year of huge adrenalin bursts and exhilaration when we win and depression ( too strong a word? No  I always think that the disappointment of losing  far exceeds in intensity the highs of winning).

To avoid this as much as we can we should resolve to get match fit ( though by all accounts Audley Harrison trained harder than ever for this bout and still lost) for next year. Usually the match goes to the better player so what can you do to get fitter and more ready for the battles adrenalin rushes and excitement to come?

More of that soon. Meanwhile focus on what has to be done to clsoe the year successfully, have a fantastic quarter and blow those targets away!

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